Kenyan firms neglect blogging as promotional strategy, survey shows

A significant number of companies in Kenya have neglected the social networking platform with only 6 percent maintaining their blogs, survey by Interactive Concepts indicates.

According to the study, only 50 percent of the 45 listed companies at Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) are active on social media.

The survey further only 33 percent of the listed companies maintained active Twitter accounts. About 42 percent had a Facebook fan page, while 31 percent had a YouTube channel and a LinkedIn page. Only 6 percent ran blogs.

This indicates blogging has significantly declined among the Kenyan companies. In addition, the firms that still maintained presence on the platform had not updated their blogs for several months, reported the survey.

Top blogging firms included Safaricom, Centum, Standard, and Housing Finance Corporation in that order.

In the use of Facebook, Safaricom took the top position with most “likes.” Standard Media Group came second followed by Kenya Airways, Accesskenya and Kenya Power in that order.

Top firms on Twitter use included AccessKenya , Kenya Airways, Kenya Power, Standard Media Group, and Safaricom taking the top positions from fifth to first respectively.

Safaricom was especially notable with CEO Bob Collymore being active on Twitter and personally replying to some of the tweets from users.

On YouTube use, firms were ranked basing on the number of views on their videos with KTN Kenya first followed by Safaricom, Kenya Airways, Barclays Kenya and Kenya Power in that order.

The rankings were not based on the number of followers, but on the level of interactions, says Interactive Concepts.

Commenting on the results, Japie Swanepoel of Interactive Concepts said most firms needed help managing their online presence, with most not going beyond websites.

He attributed this to fear of backlash on going to social media for several firms, while the same firms also needed to be educated on the benefits of social media.

“They are cautious, they don’t know what the results are and some are afraid,” Japie said.

A company is only serious on social media if they are ready to spend money on it, and they will not be serious until they see an opportunity for them to make money on social media, he continued.

At present, firms within East Africa barely make money from social networking.

Japie said people think the social media encompasses only selling but it also includes marketing, public relations, client relationship management and research.

Organised by Saracen OMD and the Interactive Concepts, the Interactive Concepts survey was carried out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs.

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