OPINION: Why I ported back to MTN Nigeria

OPINION: Why I ported back to MTN Nigeria

MTN is by far the most taunted network operator in Nigeria, yet it is the network with the largest number of subscribers.

Even with the advent of mobile number portability (MNP), the number of subscribers that have left the network is small (less than 5,000), compared to the network’s tens of millions of subscribers.

As a tech journalist who relates with representatives of most of the operators, it becomes obvious how much other networks wish they could surpass MTN in terms of market share, but struggle because it has come to gain the trust of the citizens.

In terms of coverage, other networks still have a lot to do. Take Glo for instance, subscribers can only enjoy the network’s services in selected areas, even in the same city. What happens when subscribers move from one place to another?

Thanks to the cute adverts, I tried to port to Airtel when MTN started to act up. As a heavy data consumer, I couldn’t finish my data bundle before it expired.

It actually got worse when the network gave me free 15MB data and I could not use a kilobyte.

In spite of all the drama associated with MTN Nigeria, the network remains the preferred network especially when it comes to data – even in rural areas.

MTN’s strength is not in the beauty of its logo (photophobic individuals would find yellow repulsing), nor in the network’s ambassadors (Globacom has more) – the strength of the network is in the foresight of the team that is responsible for the spread of its services across Nigeria.

In Nigeria, you may be lucky to have other networks in your area, you may also be opportune to have the cheapest bundles.

But if you are going to a new place and you are not sure which network would have strong network service there, forget other network’s shot-in-3D adverts, MTN is still the only network worth risking.

This is quite unfortunate that after 10 years since the advent of mobile telecommunications in Nigeria, only one network is still everywhere – others are still regional.

But as the representatives of other networks often tell me every time we interact, they are aware of the great divide between them and MTN and they remain committed to the end game which is having a strong presence and quality services across the entire country.

Until they achieve that, I have ported back to MTN.

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