Qualcomm hosts Mobile Monday for developers

Qualcomm hosts Mobile Monday for developers

The first Mobile Monday with Qualcomm was held on Monday at m:Lab East Africa, Nairobi, an initiative bringing together the mobile developer network in Kenya with speakers drawn from Virtual City, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics East Africa and Safaricom.

Qualcomm manufactures wireless chipsets, license technology and provides communication services around the world.

In Kenya, the company is linking up developers with device manufacturers on the lookout for local applications and content.

The company is also looking to make their devices stand out by including unique, local content and apps, mainly using the Android or Windows Phone operating systems.

Billy Owino, business development manager at Qualcomm, said: “By using Qualcomm Snapdragon SDK’s for Android, developers can differentiate their products and create extraordinary user experiences via the unique and powerful capabilities in Qualcomm’s industry-leading family of Snapdragon processors.”

To find out more about the tools available from Qualcomm to developers, developers can sign up on QDevNet and the first 10 developers who sign up will receive gift harpers courtesy of Qualcomm.

Earlier this year, Qualcomm brought two new high-end processors to market: the Snapdragon 600 quad-core chip and the Snapdragon 800.

The Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip utilizes LTE carrier aggregation for data rates up to 150mbps – double what current LTE speeds offer.

It is Qualcomm Technologies’ most advanced and powerful mobile processor to date.

The Qualcomm Vuforia on the other hand transforms real-world objects into interactive experiences for use in gaming, interactive media and instructional applications.

With its industry-leading computer vision technology, Vuforia has been embraced by nearly 30,000 developers and adopted by leading global brands to drive engagement with advertisements and product packaging.

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