Samsung Galaxy S3 to hit Kenyan stores by June

After its debut in London and South Africa last week, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is expected to hit the Kenyan market in June, says Samsung East Africa.

Samsung East Africa Deputy MD Robert Ngeru said the company has already secured orders and the first stocks are expected into the country late this month.

This would see Kenya become among the first countries in the world to use the Samsung Galaxy SIII, tipped as the most sophisticated Android phone.

Samsung Thursday last week launched the latest product in its high-end Android smartphone line in London and announced the phone would be launched in other global markets beginning with Europe.

The Techlabs reports features of the new phone had already leaked on the Web days before it’s launching.

The phone that can charge wirelessly has made a big buzz in among the online community. A special charger bought separately supports the wireless charging capability.

It runs on the latest Android platform, Ice Cream Sandwich OS and has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD. It in addition supports up to 64 GB micro-SD card and can be expanded to 128GB.

In South Africa, MTN says it decided to bring in the Samsung Galaxy SIII instead of Samsung Nexus.

According to Mike Fairo, MTN’s head of product development and innovation and development, the South Africa-based mobile telephone network operator ranged the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung [Galaxy] S3 as alternatives to the Samsung Nexus since the telephone service provider believes the new phone provides greater benefits to customers.

In the recent past, manymobile gadget companies including LG have been keen on introducing high- and low-end smartphones.

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