Syniverse to fund BBB Mobile Giving Foundation

Syniverse has announced a premier sponsorship of the BBB Mobile Foundation, an organization enabling charities to raise funds via mobile devices.

Following the sponsorship, Syniverse will provide its mobile expertise and global reach to assist the BBB Mobile Giving Foundation extend its philanthropic efforts globally, as well as expand donor engagement and visibility of the role mobile plays in enhancing lives around the world.

Syniverse said the move is aimed at supporting developers who focus on aiding the famine victims in Africa and other parts of the world.

Syniverse further stated the mobile has become one of the most effective methods to expedite charitable fundraising.

“Our work with the BBB Mobile Giving Foundation provides Syniverse an opportunity to increase the potential of mobile as a catalyst for societal benefit and change, enriching communities and lives on a global basis,” said Syniverse’s chief marketing officer Janet Roberts.

Syniverse makes mobile work for more than 900 mobile operators, cable and Internet providers, and enterprises in over 160 countries. It boasts of expertise exceeding 20 years, that have since simplified the complexities of roaming, messaging and networking.

The BBB Mobile Giving Foundation aims to extend its reach to all parts of the world. According to the foundation, it has realized donations of US$50 million from more than 1,000 charities, using the mobile technology.

The foundation serves as the link between the charitable giving campaign, the service providers and the volunteer donors in United states.

The foundation also processes and vets applications from nonprofit organizations wishing to deploy wireless technology in their communication and fundraising activities. Once approved, the foundation develops fundraising campaigns in conjunction with established mobile marketing firms and the nonprofit.

Wireless carriers through their short message service (SMS) centres use the Foundation’s messaging platform.

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