Ghanaian company in a deal to distribute Tecno’s mobile applications

SMSGH, Ghana-based mobile content aggregation company, has signed an agreement with a China-based mobile phone manufacturing company, Techno Telcom, to distribute Tehno’s embedded mobile applications to users.

The agreement would enable distribution of Tecno’s world-class embedded mobile applications to users via SMSGH’s mobile content aggregation platform, dubbed the SMSGH Unity Gateway.

Following the deal, users of Tecno mobile handsets would now be able to use and download the phone manufacturer’s applications available at Tecno app store or embedded on their handsets.

SMSGH general manager Alex Adjei Bram said: ”We are excited and challenged to have been chosen by Tecno Telecom. Being one of the fastest selling mobile handset brands in Ghana, we feel Tecno made the right choice with SMSGH as we know too well how to manage mobile services with high growth potentials.”

Users will be billed for the applications via SMSGH’s Unity Gateway, a mobile content distribution and monetization platform developed, managed and maintained by SMSGH.

The SMSGH platform would in addition provide an automatic backup for all data on Tecno handsets, such that when a user loses his Tecno handset and purchases a new Tecno handset, all the lost data including phone number, pictures, videos, SMSs, voice recordings and other data stored on the previous handset, would be restored on to the new one.

”SMSGH continues to focus on expanding our service offering to increase our footprint, as we gain momentum on our efforts to lead mobile messaging innovation in Ghana and beyond,” said Adjei.

A leading mobile content aggregation company in Ghana, SMSGH boasts of over 40,000 clients in Ghana and parts of Africa and provides Bulk SMS and Corporate SMS Solutions, and a platform to distribute and monetize mobile digital content, like mobile applications among others.

SMSGH also issues Short codes to banks, radio stations, application developers and other businesses through which clients of those businesses could access services and applications, and pay premium SMS rates through the SMSGH platform.

In February this year, it was one of two Ghanaian companies named in Forbes Magazine’s Top 20 African Technology Start Up Companies.

The company records between 12 and 14 million SMS traffic on its network each year. It has been in operation for the past seven years.

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