Tanzania to establish ICT centres in every village

Tanzania to establish ICT centres in every village

The Tanzanian government wants to build ICT centres in every village in a bid to increase transparency of governance.

The Daily News reports Ambassador Ombeni Sefue said during a visit to e-government agency offices in the country it was important rural areas are given priority so as to harness knowledge for development.

“There is no way that we can avoid using ICT as it develops daily and is used worldwide by various governments,” said Sefue.

He said creating an interactive government is one of the benefits of ICT and that it would assist in delivery of social services.

The country recently joined the Open Government Partnership (OGP), a global initiative that aims at promoting transparency, empowering citizens and encouraging the use of new technologies to improve governance.

Jabiri Bakari, chief executive officer (CEO) of e-Government, said a new government portal had already been established to provide information to communities in efforts to make sure an interactive government was achieved.

“Through this portal, users will be able to access information on various important matters including law, health, economics and agriculture,” Bakari said.

“Currently we are soliciting comments and opinions from various stakeholders about the portal concerning what should be included and omitted so as to improve it.”

He encouraged citizens to participate in the changes that ICT continues to play a big part in..


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