SA’s Zimbile poised to design websites in record time

As Google gets serious on getting businesses online, Zimbile, a Zimbabwean mobile web startup is serious on getting its websites mobile in record five minutes at no cost and without any tech skills.

The new service that allows users to use their own custom domains apart from the Userwebsitename.zimbile.com sub domains also includes templates, social media integration and website statistics board.

Zimbile founder Simon Kaguramamba said it has never been easy for firms to create mobile sites as they have had to employ developers with HTML knowledge, buy a domain, set up hosting and take several days testing the apps on the various platforms.

It also offers a professional, fast loading text based mobile website that can be built with no technical skills. Users simply fill in the boxes to produce an optimised mobile website in minutes.

Zimbile is specifically built for mobile sites with the advent of the mobile internet boom across Africa, says Kagarumba.

At present, the service is allowing businesses and individuals across Africa to build fast loading, optimized mobile websites in no time. This makes it crucial for anyone operating a business within the African continent to have a mobile presence. The number of people in Africa with mobile phones is projected to reach 735 million by the end of 2012.

Kagarumba however acknowledged it was not only created for small businesses, but also for individuals looking to share local content to the world.

The newly built website can be publicised through social network sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Zimbile, founded in 2011, was recently ranked the first in top ten mobile apps in Africa.

The service is currently free but clients will soon pay a minimal cost for custom domains with added features.

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