SA government to launch Ubuntu Radio online

SA government to launch Ubuntu Radio online

Ubuntu Radio, a 24-hour online radio station, is to be launched on October 17 this year by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) of South Africa.

The radio station is aimed at enhancing communications on the foreign policy of South Africa.

Ubuntu Radio, which has been described by DIRCO as the first of its kind, will be available online via its website after its launch.

“The station is the first to operate under the auspices of a government institution, for non-commercial purposes. Its operating format is that of a talk radio,” said DIRCO in a statement.

DIRCO said further: “Recognising that internet connectivity in South Africa and the African continent requires greater penetration, the station will exchange content for broadcast with identified media partners, including SABC’s (South African Broadcasting Corporation’s) Channel Africa and community radio stations, for greater reach and influence.”

DIRCO said Ubuntu Radio’s objective is the creation of a platform for an exchange of opinions and views of stakeholders, which include academics, opinion makers, think tanks, students, scholars, diplomats, as well as any other key player within the diplomacy and international relations field.

The targeted listenership includes the international community and is thus not limited to South Africans.

“In choosing an internet-based radio station over a mainstream radio station, the department was inspired by the results of extensive research conducted on the effectiveness, influence and listenership of internet-based radio stations throughout the world. Research indicates that internet-based radio has gained momentum over the past 10 years, and its benefits are visible,” said DIRCO.

DIRCO said the radio station will be a “major source” for “reliable, recent and trusted” news regarding South Africa’s foreign policy.

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