Entry into EA meant to propel Bloovue’s control of mobile ads in Africa

Bloovue, a mobile ad network in Nigeria, is looking to expand its operations throughout the Eastern Africa region after it establishes a presence in Kenya.

Bloovue CEO Seyi Taylor told HumanIPO the company aims to fill the gap in the region’s market.
Initially, East Africa’s local sites lacked a platform to advertise on mobile sites until the app came in to take advantage of the traffic the local sites generated.

Bloovue serves ads on mobile devices. Although experiencing this success, the mobile ad network scene is getting competitive by the day. Companies like InMobi, and Twinepine have already established a pan African presence. Bloovue however insists it is Africa’s next mobile advertising platform after it consolidates a chunk of the region’s market.

“We’re the network, although we do collaborate with other networks to serve and deliver adverts,” said Taylor.

Though not disclosing how much money the company has made since its launch last year, Taylor insists that the avenue is lucrative.

“We’re profitable, and this year’s numbers have definitely been better than when we started up,” he told HumanIPO.

Bloovue has seen quite a lot of success. Taylor tells of a client who was skeptical about mobile Web advertising.

“As you can probably imagine, they were pretty reluctant but decided to give it a shot. We packaged not just media but a system to help them gather data from those interested in their products. They received over 160,000 inquiries in 8 weeks with a mix of mobile web, social media and SMS with the smallest sliver of a budget.”

With Africa’s more than 600 million mobile phone users, most of the phones Internet-enabled, the market is rife for mobile advertising.

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