Kenya’s Asonicslive in a 5-year partnership with Security Group Africa

Kenyan company Asonicslive Interlink, a Kenya-based IT network company, has secured 5-year distributor agreement with security Group Africa (SGA), a private security company.

Director of Technology of Asonicslive Interlink Thaddeus Munguti said with their large network spread in over 8 countries, the partnership with SGA will give the company opportunities to expand the market for technology solutions it offers.

East Coast Diversified Corporation announced the agreement through its subsidiary Earthsearch Communications, which Asonicslive Interlink is its Master Licensee in Kenya.

Earthsearch Communications said in a statement that Asonicslive Interlink and SGA will provide EarthSearch products and technology to customers throughout the East African region.

Asonicslive Interlink holds exclusive right to distribute EarthSearch integrated Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and global positioning system (GPS) products and services in Kenya.

Its technology solutions utilize wireless communication between GPS and RFID combined with other sensor technologies to provide solutions for facility management, warehouse operation, cargo distribution, mobile asset monitoring, oil and gas solutions and complex security services.

Security Group Africa is a 40-year-old multinational security organization with headquarter in Nairobi, Kenya. It has a large network in East Africa region, where it offers security services throughout Africa.

Asonicslive Interlink Ltd is a Kenyan owned company that specializes in Asset Tracking and Identification solutions. They utilize GPS, RFID and other sensor technologies to offer technology solutions such as Biometric technologies.

Asonicslive Interlink is evolving into a highly sophisticated technological company offering leading edge in fleet management, asset tracking and a host of solutions to both individuals and organizations in the region.
EarthSearch offers solutions using the wireless communication between GPS and RFID. It has service spanning operations of businesses and governments across the globe.

The solutions the company delivers include warehouse operation, movement of secured cargo, oil tankers, pipeline and other fixed assets management solutions. EarthSearch solutions integrate sensor technology for fuel monitoring, temperature sensor, weight sensors, door sensor and a variety of other custom applications.

Asonicslive Interlink and SGA signed the agreement last week Thursday.

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