Abu Dhabi Company launches $1.6bn satellite investment in Nigeria

Al-Yah Satellite Communications Company, Abu Dhabi based satellite company, has launched a US$1.6 billion broadband satellite service in Nigeria expected to hedge Internet cost by up to 10 percent.

Speaking during the launch the company’s regional director Kevin Viret said the broadband Ka-band satellite technology-based with download speeds ability of up to 15Mega bits per second (Mpbs), and upload speeds of up to 3Mbps, reports the Daily Trust.

Ka-band covers the frequencies of 26.5-40 GHz. GHz stands for GigaHertz. Giga is approximately 1 billion and Hertz stands for cycles per Second.

The traditional satellite technology utilizes broad single beams covering entire continents and regions, YahClick Ka-band spot beams provide coverage over highly targeted areas, which eliminate issues with spectrum availability.

The company has since partnered with Coolink to roll out the broadband across Nigeria. Coolink is expected to sign local resellers in all the 36 states and Abuja to speed up the availability of the service in the country.

Al-Yah Satellite said its service is already in Lagos, Abuja, PortHarcourt and would be launched in Kano.

Coolink’s chief operating officer Shanin Nouri said while satellite is an obvious choice for areas that lack access to formal telecommunications and ICT services, Coollink’s new range of satellite package will ensure that satellite is a viable alternative to any internet user in Nigeria.

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