International biometrics certifications debut in West Africa

International biometrics certifications debut in West Africa

Tim Akano, chief executive officer (CEO) of New Horizons, a foremost Information Technology (IT) training institute, has announced the introduction of West Africa’s first international biometrics certification programmes.

He said the certifications available at the institute are vendor neutral certification programmes – namely Certified Biometric Security Technician (CBT), Certified Biometric Security Professional (CBSP), Certified Biometric Security Engineer (CBSE), and Certified Biometrics Security Developer (CBSD) – designed for technology practitioners who are seeking to enhance their technical skills as well as their professional prospects.

“Biometrics is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control. It is a form of recognition and identity confirmation that uses physical attributes of an individual that are impossible or at least hard to mask. Common forms of biometrics include facial recognition, fingerprinting, retinal scans and DNA analysis. While previously cost prohibitive, concerns over terrorism and security have made many world governments and private organisations implement the technology at least on a limited scale,” Akano said.

He said his institute’s facilities support virtual live seminars and on-site trainings.

“We have the infrastructure to administer the instructional material through virtual live seminars or on-site and customer site instructor led seminars. These certifications are designed for both novice and as well as experienced networking and IT security professionals who wish to gain a solid understanding of Biometric Technologies and as well usage of Biometrics in the real world applications.”

He urged young graduates seeking for jobs and other categories of professionals to avail themselves the opportunities presented by the training.

“This programme will significantly benefit young university graduates looking for jobs, security professionals and officers seeking promotions and new opportunities in 2014 and also none Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals who want to diversify and enlarge their coast in 2014, auditors, site administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the physical, networking and as well as data security,” Akano said.

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