Blue Cloud Ghana to provide nationwide Wi-Fi in Ghana

Telecom company Blue Cloud Ghana is set to launch a Wi-Fi network throughout Ghana.

Blue Cloud Ghana is already setting up the back office with a March launch anticipated, Adom News reported.

The company, which is associated with former presidential aspirant Kwasi Amoafo Yeboah, will acquire bandwidth from Main One — owners of the Main One submarine optic cables — in a deal that is in the final stages with the installation on the last mile.

“I do not understand why access to the internet is still expensive on some of the mobile networks and ISPs in Ghana because the price of bandwidth keeps reducing,” Yeboah said.

“We want to make it easy, affordable and enjoyable for as many Ghanaians to browse, do live streaming and download stuff from the internet anywhere they are in the country.”

Ghana is one of Africa’s IT leaders, approaching 100 percent Internet penetration. The country’s Net speeds have also been rated one of the fastest continent wide. However, research by Google and iHub Research shows that high data prices in the country hamper the growth of Internet penetration.

The findings indicate that if mobile data prices were more transparent, users would engage more with mobile Internet. According to the report, lack of Web-enabled devices and their high costs hindered access to the Internet for most people surveyed.

With Blue Cloud Ghana’s rollout of the Wi-Fi hotspots in the country, it hopes to bridge the Internet access gap especially in the country’s remote regions.

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