Vir2o and HotSauce to attend Social Media Week in Lagos

East Coast Diversified Corporation (ECDC) has said that representatives from its new social media subsidiary Vir2o and HotSauce, its new partner, will feature at the Social Media Week scheduled to take place in Nigeria’s capital Lagos.

This comes weeks after ECDC commissioned Hotsauce to rollout Vir2o in Nigeria to enable business and enterprises in the west African country to manage their social media platforms as a marketing tool.

The Social Media Week in Lagos, the first time the event is being held in Africa, is expected to assemble over thousands of attendees to discuss the impact on social media on business and the society.

“Attending Social Media Week Lagos with HotSauce, our exclusive country rep in Nigeria, will help achieve our mutual goal to launch Vir2o into that market,” said Vir2o’s marketing and advertising manager Stephen Antczak.

“With a population of approximately 165M and one of the fastest growing social mobile penetration rates in the world, we see a great pioneering opportunity for Vir2o in Nigeria. This is a major step toward securing advertising and sponsorship partners, finding locally produced content, attracting online retailers and raising public awareness.”

HotSauce COO Dayo Adefila commented: “Behind the glitz and hype of social media experience is the ecosystem, and ecosystem powered by hardworking and innovative bloggers, tech developers, businesses, agencies and government.”

“You can be sure Vir2o and HotSauce will be at the Social Media Week Lagos events to meet and to learn from this incredible array of influencers and also to share the story of Vir2o, the game changing platform that will cause interesting shifts in how they consume and use social media for fun, education and business.”

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