mapIT system links GPS to SAPO postcodes

mapIT system links GPS to SAPO postcodes

mapIT, a division of TomTom Africa, has built a system that accurately links GPS coordinates to physical addresses, potentially streamlining the process of mail delivery.

The layer of location data provided by the company is South African Post Office (SAPO)-compliant and allows the mail delivery service to “to help over 17,000 employees in the collection, sorting and delivery of letters and parcels for over 1.5 billion mail pieces which are processed every year”.

“Being compliant with the postcode system is, of course, hugely beneficial to data providers and data users, as well as service providers such as the postal service,” said Pierre Rossouw, national automation engineer for SAPO.

“The new mapIT location functionality can provide users of addresses and postcode data with more accurate capability, bringing higher quality location intelligence.”

The mapping system is also available to businesses in order to accurately update address data and provide market research related information about selected areas.

HumanIPO reported last year digital mapping was one of the biggest areas of growth in South Africa’s IT sector with 76 per cent of corporations and 38 per cent of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) spending more that two per cent of their budgets on these services.

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