Firm integrates Nigeria’s constitution on mobile space

Pledge51, a Nigeria-based mobile telecommunications company, has pledged to make the Nigerian constitution available to more than the West African country’s more than 90 million active phone users.

The firm developed a Nigerian Constitution app for mobile phones allowing users easy access to Nigeria’s amended constitution via the mobile phones. Users can further share the constitution on social networking platforms including Facebook.

The first mobile app version worked well on Blackberry devices and was officially launched in January 2011. The app had recorded over 80,000 downloads before the introduction of Version 2.O earlier this year.

Version 2.O, unlike the first version solely compatible with Blackberry devices, can work with major mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry and Nokia.

The new version features include a constitution forum, which includes a quick easy access to discussion forums on the Nigerian constitution. Other features include the search component and the Facebook share. The app has, in addition, a legal directory with a listing of lawyers enabling users access to legal practices.

The app can be downloaded on the Web or in the Ovi Store for Nokia S40 phones, Android Market Place and on both touch and non touch screen BlackBerry devices.

Indigo Trust, a grant making foundation that funds technology-driven projects for social change in Africa, sponsored the project dubbed The Nigerian Constitution for All in collaboration with Co-creation Hub Nigeria (CcHUB), Nigeria’s first open living lab and pre-incubation space for technologists.

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