Mobile is the way of the future – Ahonen

Mobile is the way of the future – Ahonen

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Mobile is clearly the way of the future, given PC companies are now going mobile in one way or another and governments are angling their services towards mobile, according to mobile expert Tomi Ahonen.

Speaking at the ongoing Mobile East Africa conference in Nairobi, Kenya, Ahonen, who is an author, consultant and motivational speaker, said so far there has not been a technology as widespread as mobile, including mass media such as recordings, cinema, internet, television, radio and print.

“Brand convergence is grouping 15 global industries which will migrate to digital and most of these will be mobile,” said Ahonen.

He said mobile will do well in the future because of its unique abilities, among which are that it is personal, permanently connected, comes with a built-in payment channel and is available.

With features such as SMS, although it faces competition from other mediums such as WhatsApp, the missed call feature as used in India and it being a platform for money and payments, Ahonen said it is a certainty that mobile is here to stay.

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