Airtel launches West Africa’s newest online market

Airtel Ghana, a top mobile network operator in Ghana, yesterday hit the market with yet another value addition product following the launch of an online portal intended to provide additional distribution channels to the country’s online merchants.

The product called Airtel Money market, expected to enable users in Ghana make social interactions and contributions from trusted individual as a guide in their decision to buy goods online, will run on Rancard’s Rendezvous technology product.

Airtel Ghana’s managing director Philip Sowah said the new service is part of the company’s quest to introduce beneficial and innovative products that can improve customer’s lives into the Ghanaian market.

The platform will give merchants opportunity to open virtual store and stock it with merchandise available for sale online to Airtel Money’s potential customers in the country.

Sowah said Airtel would market the innovation to get more merchants on board expected to give the network operator’s customers more products and variety.
Airtel Ghana’s director for money commerce Kola Sonola added that merchants signed on the Airtel money market would have a system with cash mobilisation.

The company said the rationale for creating the Airtel Money Market is to increase the channels for customers and letting people know that Airtel Money is an easier payment solution for online shopping

The Managing Director of Rancard, Kofi Dadzie said Airtel Ghana through its Airtel money market had endless possibilities for Rancard’s Rendezvous product to make social commerce available through online merchant portals.

“Africa’s growing middle class provides a burgeoning market that can be energized to create greater demand in online shopping through social recommendations – this is what Rendezvous extends with the world of social commerce,” he said.

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