Second annual Google Days held in Ghana

Second annual Google Days held in Ghana

The second edition of Google Days has been held in Accra, Ghana, with hundreds of entrepreneurs and developers in attendance.

The two-day event held at the World Bank Knowledge Centre was targeted at local businesses and developers, aiming to provide a platform for Google to share knowledge with its user communities on how to maximise the internet.

Speaking at the event, Google country manager for Ghana Estelle Akofio Sowah said the company is committed to the continual support of key communities in the West African nation.

“We will continue to identify and work with key communities in Ghana with the aim of helping them better understand how to use the creatively use internet tools to create innovative products that will take Ghana forward,” she said.

She said Google is supporting the event as a way of connecting with and educating SMEs in Ghana.

“The Google Days event, like other Google outreach events, is one of the ways we reach out to connect, educate and inspire Ghanaian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and developers,” she said.

“For us, these events are channels through which we can share learning, practices and examples that can help these indigenous professionals take advantage of web tools that have proven to be successful across the world.

“It aligns with our goal of helping Africans build innovative businesses that in turn add to the continent’s gross domestic product (GDP).”

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