SA’s Logikal counts on Africa’s tech growth to prompt expansion drive

Although a South Africa-based IT consulting company, Logikal Consulting, has operations in more than 15 African countries, Kevin Mani, the managing executive, says the firm is not ready to abandon its African expansion drive just because of that.

Mani notes that as emerging markets, African countries have the opportunity to leapfrog existing solutions in favour of cutting-edge technologies.

“We not only provide these technologies, but the skills and knowledge necessary to implement them effectively,” Mani said.

The firm that deals in integration and outsourcing services for companies in the financial services, banking and insurance, telecoms, manufacturing, retail and logistics has partnerships with firms including SAS, SAP and Solix.

Logikal expects to cash in on Africa’s increased Internet penetration. Africa has some 140 million Internet users and currently undergoes technology boom.

Nigeria, where the firm eyes, has close to 45 million users which according to Logikal makes a good market for IT consultancy. the country has since received recognition because of its vibrant economy particularly for technology solutions and consumer spending.

“Nigeria’s oil industry, coupled with its increasing commercial activity, has resulted in a major growth market,” explains Logikal Consulting’s CEO, Gerald Naidoo.

Naidoo says that as African economies grow and technologies emerge, the demand for its services rise.

Logikal believes that its services are essential and ensures its sustainability.

The firm was founded in 2008 and specialises in enterprise content management, telco billing integration, SAP, IT Consulting, Integration, IBM Software, Filenet, Websphere, IBM datastage, Cognos, SAS Business Intelligence.

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