Dropbox moves to protect users from government requests

Dropbox moves to protect users from government requests

Dropbox has made changes to its terms and conditions in an effort to protect users’ security, including from government requests.

“We understand that when you entrust us with your digital life, you expect us to keep your stuff safe. Like most online services, we sometimes receive requests from governments seeking information about our users,” Dropbox said in a blog post.

“These principles describe how we deal with the requests we receive and how we’ll work to try to change the laws to make them more protective of your privacy.”

Among the principles is transparency, which means online services should be allowed to report the exact number of government data requests received, the number of accounts affected by those requests, and the laws used to justify the requests.

Another is to protect all users, with the company saying laws authorising governments to request user data from online services should not treat people differently based on their citizenship or where they live.

Dropbox said it will also seek to fight blanket requests, saying government data requests should be limited to specific people and investigations and that it will resist requests directed to large groups of people or those that seek information unrelated to a specific investigation.

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