SA’s Triggerfish launches Khumba game

SA’s Triggerfish launches Khumba game

South African animation film company Triggerfish Animation Studios has released a mobile game modelled on its successful film Khumba, in partnership with local game developers Sijo Studios.

HumanIPO reported in November Triggerfish released animation film Khumba – which features an outcast zebra which has lost half its stripes – with the film going straight to number one at the box office in South Africa, as first weekend sales for showings topped ZAR1.7 million (US$…), beating numerous international blockbusters.

The new game allows players to relive the Khumba story, collecting water for Khumba’s herd through 15 levels littered with obstacles and menacing characters.

“It was essential for us to provide an additional platform on which fans can engage with Khumba and the pre-release downloads have confirmed a healthy appetite,” said Stuart Forrest, chief executive officer (CEO) of Triggerfish.

Triggerfish said the company is focusing on game development as well as other media strategies to encourage engagement with the characters and stories represented in the company’s animation films.

The Khumba game was produced in conjunction with Sijo Studios, which hopes to gain a reputation as the experts in 3D mobile gaming.

“The passion Sijo brought to the game was incredible and we were amazed to see the results in such a short space of time,” said Kelly Dillon, head of digital at Triggerfish.

The release of the game has been timed to coincide with the release of Khumba on DVD on March 6.

Khumba is available as a paid app on the App Store, the Google Play Store and the Samsung App Store. A “lite” version, offering three levels for free, is under development.

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