NCC asks Nigerians to report cases of unsolicited text messages

NCC asks Nigerians to report cases of unsolicited text messages

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has asked telecoms subscribers in Nigeria to report cases of unsolicited text messages.

According to the commission’s director of consumer affairs Maryam Bayi, some telecoms subscribers are paying for services they did not opt for.

“We are very much aware of unsolicited text messages, we have a situation whereby people have not opted for a service, and they find themselves subscribing to it and the operator making deductions. We are actually talking to the service providers on that though they have come up with excuses and we have said that is not acceptable,” she said.

She urged subscribers receiving unsolicited text messages to report it to the networks and if nothing is done, such complaints should be sent to the commission.

“Sometimes, you wake up in the morning and find certain messages that you did not subscribe to. When this happens, report to the service provider and if they are not forthcoming, report to NCC because sometimes they do deny these things. NCC is aware of these unsolicited text messages issue and is working to make sure it is checked,” she said.

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