Gemalto launches integrated border and visa management solution

Gemalto launches integrated border and visa management solution

South Africa’s Gemalto has introduced the Coesys Border and Visa Management solution to meet the combined needs of securing borders and simplifying travel procedures for fast, reliable and secure immigration control in the country.

The solution integrates platforms, software and services to enhance security of border check points and aims to significantly reduce waiting times through automated document verification and border control systems.

“This new solution capitalises on Gemalto’s security expertise and the hundreds of millions of electronic travel documents with the associated services that we have deployed so far,” Frédéric Trojani, executive vice president of government programmes at Gemalto, said.

“With air passengers traffic expected to double by 2030 and 53 per cent of all passports issued forecast to embed the electronic feature in 2017, Coesys Border and Visa Management comes about just when governments need to fast track travelers through major international airports, with no compromise on security.”

 Gemalto’s visa and border management technology enhances security by providing a more efficient set of tools to monitor border entries and exits. Through official international databases it checks if the travel document has been lost or stolen and by doing so delivers higher rates of detection and prevention.

 The entirely computerised system can easily incorporate automated e-gates at border immigration check points. These highly secure, two-stage traveler verification systems first verify that the e-passport is authentic and then performs facial or fingerprint recognition to match the holder to the electronic data securely stored on the e-passport.

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