Lamudi Nigeria exceeds 10,000 listings, offers wider property selection

Lamudi Nigeria exceeds 10,000 listings, offers wider property selection

Africa Internet Holding (AIH)-founded online real estate platform Lamudi Nigeria has announced it now has more than 10,000 listings on the platform nine months after its launch, while it has also extended its services to provide wider property selections in major Nigerian cities such as Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan.

“Since starting its operations in 2013, Lamudi Nigeria has provided a platform to further drive development in the real estate sector and just as importantly support the growth in online activity,” it said in a statement.

“The Nigerian real estate sector represents a huge market opportunity for us. Our population currently exceeds 160 million people, around 50 per cent of which are currently living in urbanised areas,” managing director Obi Ejimofo said.

“The urban population is growing at over 0.6 per cent a year, which represents over 1 million people moving into the cities each year and this is where Lamudi fits in; especially given our young demographic with an increasingly online presence. We are constantly striving to provide people with a transparency they can trust, on a platform scaled to meet their needs and demands.

“Here at Lamudi at this point in our growth, we are simply enabling price discovery between buyers and sellers. We hit 10,000 listings this week, having only launched 9 months ago; we are only just getting started.”

Chief executive officer (CEO) Allie Morse said: “Since Lamudi launched its operations last year, we are constantly striving towards the growth of the housing sector in Nigeria and also providing the African community with a good platform to help locate or sell properties. With real estate analysis and figures showing positive growth this is really our time to shine in the real estate market and provide Africa with a transparent and simplistic platform to continue contributing towards the ever growing market.”

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