Oscar Pistorius’ brother’s Twitter account reportedly hacked

A tweet sent from Carl Pistorius’ Twitter account thanking people for their support is claimed to be the work of “hackers”.

A public relations company in charge of managing Oscar Pistorius’ image claims his brother’s Twitter account was “hacked” and the Tweet sent, but a couple of hours later it was deleted.

The PR company said the Pistorius family distance themselves from the tweet.

Oscar Pistorius was granted R1 million (US$112,408) bail on Friday after admitting to shooting dead his girlfriend, but saying he thought her to be a burglar. The Olympic and Paralympic athlete faces a pre-meditated murder charge from the State.

The claim by the Pistorius’ PR company that Carl Pistorius’ Twitter account was hacked comes amidst many reports of cyber attacks on many of the well known social networks and technology companies.

Carl Pistorius also faces a culpable homicide charge for a car accident that took place in 2008 when his car bumped into a lady on a motorcycle and caused her death.

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