iPhone to launch new urine testing app

iPhone users will be able to analyse their urine using an app on their mobile expected to launch on March 25.

No indication has yet been made on uChek’s availability across Africa, although it is used to check critical health information such as pregnancy, diabetes and dehydration.

Developer Myshkin Ingawale of Bionese Technologies said at the TED conference on Monday: “Cell phones, everybody has them. And everybody pees. There has to be something interesting going on here.”

uChek can be used at home, using familiar urine dipsticks to show the levels of ketones and pH in the urine.

The app is used by dipping the stick in the urine and placing it next to a washable colour mat, followed by taking a picture of the two at certain time intervals, while the mat is used to compare the colour palette to the stick which can be used in any light.

uChek then analyses and displays trends.

The app is said to cost about US$0.99, and the mat US$20.

The next priority is to launch an Android version.

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