iHub and Intel partner to mature local tech scene

iHub has today announced a partnership with chipmaker Intel that will see the two organisations train developers in Kenya while scaling mobile apps in a bid to nurture the tech community.

Intel will create training and mentorship programmes, while iHub will be charged with developing collaborations between other tech hubs, universities and the larger developer community in the Sub-Saharan region.

Speaking at the announcement of the partnership, Danie Steyn, general manager of Intel East Africa said: “Our engagement will not only be around educating the developer community, but we’ll also run a series of hackathons across Africa network in partnership with iHub.

 “We’re extremely excited about the growing developer engagement in Africa, and we’re deeply committed to helping the African software ecosystem grow and thrive.”

iHub managing director Erik Hersman said: “The software development scene in Africa is active but still nascent, we’re excited to partner with Intel to grow it.”

iHub has a rich network of over 10,000 members in the region, where developers come to connect with each other, share ideas and catapult the growth of technology innovations.

This is the culmination of Intel’s executive vice president David Perlmutter’s promise while visiting the iHub last year, where he said Intel will be working more closely with developers all over Africa.

“Intel views developers as their biggest partners. People buy devices because of the apps,” Perlmutter said on his visit.

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