Mxit Launch, a content management community tool revealed

South African social chat app Mxit revealed a new content management page, similar to Wordpress, expected to launch tomorrow, March 1, at the 27dinner in Cape Town last night (Wednesday).


“It is a direct decision to open up,” said Vince Maher, vice president of Growth and Product Strategy at Mxit, explaining that board management will overcome previous experienced problems.

Maher discussed the new service to emerge from the homegrown social platform as having its foundations in the new trend of incorporating branding commercially.

Google Analytics will be incorporated to measure communities in direct comparison with others, providing market research from the database.

“This is completely hosted by us and there are tools to message from the base, including all subsidiaries which can be accessed purely from a message basis,” Maher explained.

Currently running in Beta phase, the new Mxit Launch tool will become active on the Java version, Mxit 6.3, tomorrow (Friday).

The concept will be run from a page that operates through a content management interface similar to other platforms such as WordPress.

Users will be able to enter through a message tab which goes out to all users and has the ability to support 30 to 40 million page views on a day-to-day basis.

Bradley Whittington, vice president of engineering at Mxit, assisted with the project writing and general security development.

Maher deems Whittington as an “early genius”, adding there are “lots of opportunities” for techies and developers in the field at present.

Mxit is a leading social chat network for meeting people and also provides access to the entertainment platform.

The 27dinner initiative is a networking event offering the opportunity for people to meet over dinner and discuss business ideas for tech and media related industries.

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