Liberia threatens to shut down illegal radio and TV stations

Liberia threatens to shut down illegal radio and TV stations

Television and radio stations operating illegally in Liberia will soon be shut down by the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA), according to the authority’s commissioner of licensing and regulations Anthony McCritty.

McCritty told journalists many broadcasting stations are operating in Liberia without LTA’s approval.

“There are some radio stations that are operating without any reference to the LTA whatsoever, they are illegal, and those entities we will shut you down completely,” he said.

McCritty also announced there is a scarcity of spectrum frequency, which means the LTA will protect the available frequency from violators.

“There are people and organisations on the LTA waiting list who are willing to pay for frequency that other are delinquent in paying,” McCritty said.

“In November last year we gave them 30 days notice to conform. It has been four months now and some providers still have not contacted us.”

He said the 30 days notice was for radio, TV and VSAT operators to update and regularise their licenses. This process includes getting the necessary permission for TV and radio service providers from the Ministry of Information.

“This is a public warning that the LTA is moving ahead to revoke licenses of those entities that are not in conformity,” McCritty said.

According to him, media houses cannot operate in total disregard to the LTA regulations, an action he said is similar to theft and robbery since it deprives Liberia of much needed revenue.

“The LTA is responsible for allocating frequencies after permits have been secured and then we do our due diligence,” he said.

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