Facebook founders, the youngest billionaires

At 28, Facebook founders Dustin Moskovitz and Mark Zuckerberg are the youngest billionaires in the world with net worths of US$3.8 billion and US$13.3 billion dollars respectively.

This is according to a list released by Forbes. Eduardo Saverin, who also co-founded the site, is in fifth place on the list with a net worth of US$2.2 billion, at the age of 30.

Fox News has reported that joining them in the list of five youngest billionaires are Scott Duncan and Albert von Thurn, who both inherited massive fortunes.

The list also stated that Facebook’s first president, Sean Parker, co-founder of music-sharing website Napster, also features on the list of the top ten youngest billionaires with a net worth of US$2 billion. Parker is 33 years old.

Mexican business mogul, Carlos Sim Helu together with his family tops the overall ‘World’s Top Billionaires’ list with a net worth of US$73 billion.

Bill Gates is in second place, with a net worth of US$67 billion.

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