Kenyan ministry develops automated performance tracking system

Kenyan ministry develops automated performance tracking system

Kenya’s Ministry of Industrialisation and Enterprise Development is to develop an automated performance tracking system to aid in monitoring the implementation of its projects and programmes.

The tool will specifically monitor the implementation of activities in the key areas of the country’s Industrialisation Roadmap, which aims to spur growth through industrialisation, create employment, attract foreign direct investment (FDI) and increase the share of manufactured goods in the country’s total exports.

“It will help easily identify those public officers who are sleeping on the job and help devise a reward and sanction system to reward super performers and punish those pulling the others behind,” said principal secretary Wilson Songa.

The software will help in identifying immediate performance drivers, featuring the installation of performance tracking dashboards which will help in providing real-time performance reporting on the key targets in the ministry’s strategic plan.

It is also intended to change the way of doing business in the ministry, making it able to identify grey areas where implementation of programmes was slow, the reasons for this and those responsible.


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