ICASA not licensing extremely high frequency spectrum

ICASA not licensing extremely high frequency spectrum

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has rejected claims it is planning to licence extremely high frequency (EHF) spectrum bands, saying the regulator currently has no regime under which such technology could be allowed to be used in South Africa.

Reports emerged following the Future Wireless Technology Forum held by the Wireless Access Providers’ Association (WAPA) yesterday, claiming ICASA is considering options for the regulation and licensing of the EHF band.

ICASA said it wished to “categorically state” the authority has no plans to licence spectrum in the 50 GHz to 80 GHz range within the 2014-2015 Annual Performance Plan, and rejected media reports suggesting otherwise.

“ICASA currently does not have a regime under which these technologies can be type approved and allowed to be used in South Africa,” the regulator said.

According to ICASA, the media reports stem from comments made in a personal capacity by an ICASA councillor at the event and were not intended to carry official weight.

“This was done in his personal capacity, not as representing the official view of ICASA,” the authority said.

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