Q&A: RubiQube co-founder Mukhtar Oyewo

Nigeria’s RubiQube app is a cross platform mobile content aggregator which aims to offer users access to a variety of HTML5 apps which run on the cloud.

The goal, according to the founders, is to help users gain easy access to a variety of content unique to their location while saving phone memory and storage space.

Currently RubiQube runs 17 applications and many more apps are said to be made available through the platform. It currently runs on Android and Blackberry.

HumanIPO caught up with one of the co-founders to hear a bit more.

HumanIPO: What inspired the idea for RubiQube?

Mukhtar Oyewo: What really inspired my partner (Mahmood Oyewo) and I to develop the RubiQube app, was a problem we observed in the Nigerian/African mobile app scene.

We noticed a major disconnect between locally developed apps and their target users. When users visit a regular app store what they get to see are apps from outside their location, when young developers developed innovative apps, they usually get lost in the galaxy of apps in the app store.

Because we realised that local content is usually location biased, we decided to embark on the development of an HTML5 app aggregator which uses the users location to recommend mobile apps which are relevant to him based on location.

Are you planning to monetise RubiQube?

We plan to monetise our product.

We have 3 major revenue streams which include: Ads (which would be designed not to irritate users), featured listings (third party apps would pay to be preloaded) and finally we would integrate an in-app billing system that would allow users pay for stuff on various apps.

Who are the RubiQube team members?

The core team is made up of six very talented individuals, and they are: Mukhtar Oyewo (CEO and Co-founder MobiQube), Mahmood Oyewo (Co-founder and president MobiQube), Abdulhakeem Haliru (CTO MobiQube), Zainab Ayeleso (Lead developer RubiQube platform), Shope Johnson (UI/UX designer) and Damilare Akinlaja (Lead in-app developer).

Do you have any current users of RubiQube?

We currently have 500 users but with the recent release of the BlackBerry version, we envisage a steady rise of users, as we are focused on ensuring the service is top notch.

What are the future plans?

We plan to populate the platform with very relevant apps so as to ensure that users have access to unique local content anywhere they are, we also plan to partner with key content providers to ensure quality content.

Our major focus is to ensure that our users are very satisfied with our service.

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