Ghanaian classifieds site sees 300% listing growth each year

Ghanaian classifieds site sees 300% listing growth each year

Ghanaian online classifieds Tonaton.com has witnessed 300 per cent growth in listings every year, according to owner Saltside Technologies.

Saltside, founded by previous Skype employees, said it aims to provide online infrastructure in emerging markets – with 85 per cent of its 200-strong workforce based in Ghana and Bangladesh – and was making waves.

“Google decided to discontinue their classified service as a result of Saltside’s growth and efficiency, making Tonaton.com by far the biggest classified site in all categories,” the company said.

“Our mission is to create a safe, large,and efficient marketplace for millions of people to make deals who could not previously access them. We’ve witnessed first-hand how powerful efficient markets are in improving ordinary people’s lives. We want to support and foster the naturally entrepreneurial attitude which is prevalent in these markets,” said Nils Hammar, chief executive officer (CEO) of Saltside Technologies.

The company said it has allowed Ghanaian fashion designers to expand their businesses in the country.

“The combined value of online advertising in Africa and the Middle East is expected to reach US$2.8 billion by 2016 and in Asia that figure is expected to hit US$53.2 billion by 2016. Yet, far too many countries in these incredibly dynamic markets are overlooked, including those with the most growth potential like Ghana, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and many others,” said Hammar.

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