SA’s Zando launches new website

SA’s Zando launches new website

African Internet Holding (AIH) e-commerce retailer Zando has launched a new website that promises users a consistent and user-friendly experience based on the latest technology across all devices.

Among the features on the new site are a fully responsive mobile-friendly usage, detailed order status tracking for the customer and superior page loading speed.

“This means that the mobile site is optimised for the latest generation of mobile phones, laptops and desktops as well as tablets, but still supports older smartphones like BlackBerry, ensuring a smooth and fast browsing experience,” said Zando.co.za chief technology officer (CTO) Frank Birzle.

“We have also integrated all desktop functionality such as the order tracking and the “My Account” section so that they are now also available for mobile users”. Having optimized their content for mobile, Zando.co.za has made heavy use of compression in order to save South Africans’ bandwidth and ensure faster shopping.”

The site now offers a more comprehensive tracking function with the latest order tracking feature developed as a means to empower customers to become aware of the status of their order at any given time. Clear, concise and friendly messages are displayed for the variety of processes that each order undergoes – from payment to processing, delivery and finally fulfilment.

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