Nigeria’s Truppr fitness app launches

Nigeria’s Truppr fitness app launches

Social network for fitness enthusiasts Truppr has launched in Nigeria, aimed at connecting sports fans across the world, and promoting and facilitating a fit lifestyle.

The Truppr app was developed by chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of Nigeria’s Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB), Bosun Tijani, who said he created the app to address his own personal fitness challenges.

“I play football for fun and fitness twice a week and consistently struggled to keep the routine due to difficulty in finding teammates and venues while on business trips or in new cities,” said Tijani.

Truppr aims to solve these difficulties by bringing together an online community of fitness enthusiasts, providing a simple platform for organising amateur sporting events and finding teammates and fitness partners.

The app also acts as a one-stop shop for finding and booking sport venues in cities around the world.

“We see the African market as a space that could provide the right platform for us to grow sustainably considering the emerging interest in healthy living, a growing middle class, steady rise in income levels and diffusion of ICT. We want to be part of that growth by helping more people achieve their objective of making fitness a lifestyle,” Tijani said.

The app currently has about 7,500 users, 55 new users per day, and lists 343 events. According to the developers, 78 per cent of active users participate in at least three to five events per month  – with the app only four months old.

Truppr is currently available on iOS and Android operating systems.

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