KCB Bank Group selects NetGuardians to enhance data security and mitigate risk

KCB Bank Group selects NetGuardians to enhance data security and mitigate risk

KCB Bank Group has selected NetGuardians, a Swiss -based firm, to further enhance its capacity to ensure data security and mitigate risk.

Allowing the bank group to use NetGuardians’ NG|Screener software solution has already earned the confidence of banking clients around the world. NG|Screener uses smart behavioural analysis to monitor and analyse all user activities in real time, offering continuous control of all operational risks from business operations to IT.

Alerts allow rapid intervention when potential risk is detected and automated reports facilitate reporting and auditing. The software integrates seamlessly into all major banking software platforms.

Through ongoing R&D, NetGuardians ensures that NG|Screener solutions stay ahead of evolving fraud tactics and IT risks.

“KCB is committed to being proactive and protecting clients in the face of growing risks like fraud, data theft and information leaks,” says Mr. Avi Mitra, Chief Information Officer, KCB.

“We liked the robustness and flexibility of NG |Screener. In partnering with NetGuardians we gain the ability to detect unusual user behaviour within our infrastructures 24/7, so we can take action immediately when alerted to potential fraud.”

The deal with NetGuardians further enhances KCB digital journey that started in 2007, with the implementation of the T24 core banking system. The platform now provides fast and efficient customer service and has the capacity to offer technology-driven products.

The Bank will continue to invest in technology solutions to create more efficiency, introduce targeted products and services to meet customer needs, develop its people to meet global service delivery standards and better engage with its customers and wider stakeholder community.

“Our chief goal is to provide solutions that are technologically ahead, easy to use and integrate, and directly aligned with client needs,” says Mr. Joël Winteregg.

NetGuardians Chief executive officer. “Our clients in Africa, including KCB, are strongly motivated to improve fraud mitigation, operational and IT risk management, transparency, and governance. We are very pleased to work with KCB, providing our innovative solutions to these serious challenges.”

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