Kenyan publishers criticise developed digital content

Publishers have reacted strongly after the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development announced it has developed digital content in readiness for laptops in public primary schools.

The Sunday Nation reports officials from the Kenya Publishers Association were not happy with the step, saying the institute had gone beyond its mandate of curriculum development and implementation.

“The institute is trying to change its role from curriculum development and implementation to content development,” said Simon Sossion, the vice-Chairman of the Kenya Publishers Association whose members he says are the ones who should develop academic content to be used in schools.

According to Lawrence Njagi, the chairman of the Kenya Publishers, the institute should only facilitate publishing.

“If they provide digital content who will approve it? The institute cannot approve its work,” he said, adding that the institute should only act as a publisher of last resort when traditional publishers cannot do so.

Lydia Nzomo, the institute director, was quoted as saying: “The digital curriculum content has been developed and is available. When the time comes, we will install curriculum content into the laptops and have them delivered to schools.”

Information posted in the Ministry of Education’s website reads: “The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development has in fact developed digital content that will radically change teaching and learning in this country for the better.”

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