Rocket Internet aims to make Sabunta a major Nigerian online fashion store

Clone master Rocket Internet has opened an online store in Nigeria one week after launching Kasuwa, an electronic online store, in the country’s former capital Lagos.

Sabunta is an online fashion store with stocks of shoes, clothes and other latest fashion accessories from the world’s top 100 brands.

Rocket Internet is known for cloning major ventures and the company expects to make Sabunta “Nigeria’s biggest fashion e-commerce website.”

The firm expects a positive reception of the online store from the 24 milllion Nigerians online. Ninety-two per cent of Nigerians have a strong and positive sentiment towards online shopping, according to a recent MasterCard survey.

The firm is currently offering each new signup a voucher worth of 1000 Naira and 1,500 Naira for purchases of over 6,000 Naira.

Purchases can be made via electronic funds transfer (ETF) and cash on delivery (COD) by the Fedex team.

Debit and credit cards, payment extensions many are looking forward to, are however currently not supported.

The online store, just like South Africa’s Zando, is giving away free delivery to its clients on any order.

The Samwer brothers Internet firm has cloned a number of firms across the world.

Rocket Internet has also invested in several other firms like Groupon, Zando and Facebook.

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