Nigerian subscribers request extension to SIM registration period

Nigerian subscribers request extension to SIM registration period

Deolu Ogunbanjo, president of the National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers of Nigeria (NATCOMS), has pleaded for more time to enable all subscribers to to register their lines.

All subscribers are required to register their SIM cards by Sunday, June 30, otherwise they will be disconnected from the network.

HumanIPO reported last month MTN Nigeria were encouraging their customers to do so.

Ogunbanjo however has requested an extra three months because some agents that were saddled with the responsibility of collecting subscribers’ data failed to collect all the necessary details as a result of the excessive workload and pressure that made them attempt to register more people for financial gain.

“Against the backdrop of the above and in order to ensure that every subscriber is given fair consideration, we are appealing to the NCC to give Nigerian subscribers a three-month one-way final warning extension on SIM registration,” said Ogunbanjo.

He said if the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) goes ahead with the proposed disconnection of all unregistered lines at the end of the month, many subscribers who thought they’ve registered their lines would be affected.

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