dotAfrica opens policy for public comment

dotAfrica opens policy for public comment

dotAfrica has opened its Reserved Names Policy for public comment, giving governments priority on category registry.

From the beginning of month, the public will be allowed to submit comments until July 24 to be considered for pre-launch improvements.

The Reserved Names Policy aims to provide protection to African government domains and related initiative.

Country, region, province, government and government department names are also included.

Octavia Kumalo, marketing and press relations liaison at ZA Central Registry (ZACR) dotAfrica, said: “We are expecting great demand for names in the dotAfrica domain when it completes the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) registration process.”

Desiring the participation of the public in the project for vision and initiative sharing, the comments will assist the ZACR in ensuring an efficient launch.

The dotAfrica Reserved Names Policy is accessible through the AfricaInOneSpace.org site.

Coming closer to conclusion, the domain name application is awaiting ICANN approval.

HumanIPO reported earlier this year on the Africa Domain Name System (DNS) Forum to take place in Durban next week from July 12 to 13.

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