The Mxit revolution: Alan Knott-Craig’s tale of Mxit acquisition

In the book, “Mobinomics: Mxit and the mobile revolution,” Knott-Craig Jnr tells us how he came to own Mxit.

The book, published by Pan Macmillian and co-written by author Gus Silber, hit the shelves last month.

Knott-Craig narrates the tale of founders and the people behind Mxit, the community and the revolutionary way in which Mxit has and still helps to change lives in a positive way.

Since Knott-Craig bought Mxit for an undisclosed amount last year, industry moguls and avid ‘Mxiteers’ (users of the social network) have been keen on the development of the company Herman Heunis found.

Former iBurst CEO Alan Knott-Craig Jnr who now runs World Avatar, a consortium of techno firms, is a South African mobile technology entrepreneur, and the new owner of Mxit, a phone-based instant messenger and social networking platform.

Mxit has 50-million users, in 120 countries, 23-billion messages a month and up to 50 000 daily signups.

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