Inoorero University Launches its Virtual Campus

For many working class citizens, furthering one’s education might seem a stringent move on their busy lives. But with the springing up of virtual campuses, many have completed their studies with ease, regardless of where they are

ICT is quickly changing the landscape of distant learning. Inoorero University, a private institution in Kenya, launched its Virtual Campus, officially, on 25th January.

Judith Obai, who relocated from Kenya to Australia, didn’t have to drop her studies. “I thank Inoorero University for their online courses since I am able to continue with my studies which I would otherwise have abandoned,” she said.

The Vice Chancellor of Inoorero University, Prof. H. M. Thairu said in a statement, “IU’s [Inoorero University] e-learning programme opens education to those looking for flexibility, convenience and affordable education.”

With this revolutionary move, students can access notes, complete assignments and submit them using their desktop computers, laptops or even through their phones. In the United States, Skillshare.com gives chances for users to learn short courses on virtually every subject. Online learning is something that Africa will definitely embrace due to its convenience and affordability. What about if you don’t have an internet connection? The university makes special CD to cater for those who cannot get access to the internet.

The African Virtual University was one of the first e-Learning centres in Kenya. It was launched in 1997 in Washington under the World Bank project and transferred to Kenya in 2002. In its success, AVU has trained over 40,000 professionals since its inception, and addresses learning needs in Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone Africa.

There are numerous advantages of such a model. Students can learn at their pace. They are not in the command of a sole lecturer. Most people also will continue to maintain their jobs without rushing every time to attend classes.

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