Government request for Twitter users on the increase – report

Government request for Twitter users on the increase – report

Twitter is experiencing increasing pressure from governments to release their users’ private information, rising by 40 per cent in the first six months of 2013.

“Information requests requests include worldwide government requests we’ve received for user account information, typically in connection with criminal investigations or cases,” said Twitter in its latest transparency report.

Twitter added: “Our latest report includes the number of government requests received for account information, as well as the percentage of requests we compiled with in whole or in part.

“Where possible, we have also added more granularity regarding originating from the United States, including details about known Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) request and pen register/trap and trace (PRTT) court orders.”

According the nformation requests report, the United States takes the lead with 902 user information requests and comprises “78 per cent of all requests received”.

The only African country mentioned in the report is South Sudan, but it has no figures in terms of information requests and percentages of information produced.

“Japan remains the second largest requester with a total of 8 per cent of overall requests, up from 6 per cent in July [to] December 2012. Brazil dropped from third overall in the last report to the number four spot with the United Kingdom (UK) moving up to number three, comprising three per cent of total requests received during the first half of 2013,” said Twitter.

The total number of user information requests are at 1,157 with user accounts specifically specified at 1,697, and the percentage of information produced (where possible) is at 55 percent.

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