Web tools used to raise farming productivity

Web tools used to raise farming productivity

New online tools are allowing smartphone users to save money and raise efficiency in farming.

Solar powered remote weather stations have been used to send alerts to cultivators’ smartphones when they detect a danger to the crop such as a change in temperature or air pressure.

This technology has been developed to make other agricultural improvements such as more accurately measuring water usage and even monitor sap flow in grapevines to  detect when more water is needed.

Paul Goldberg, director of operations at Betinelli Vineyards, said: “This technology paired with other sophisticated tools has made irrigation much more of an exact science.”

The use of this new technology is on the rise after being used to great effect on vineyards in California.

Various models are available with a single weather station unit costing around US$300.

The use of this technology and the variety of software available looks set to continue to increase, with high potential for the savings to be made, particularly in areas of scarce water supply.

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