Sproxil reaches 5 million verifications

Sproxil reaches 5 million verifications

Ghanaian developed brand protection company Sproxil has hit the five million mark of verification processing, contributing globally to the genuine purchasing.

The Mobile Product Authentication (MPA) solution as developed by Ghanaian Ashifi Gogo, targets emerging markets for brand verification.

HumanIPO reported earlier this year on the United States (US) Whitehouse recognition of Sproxil.  

Among its customers are 10 top global pharmaceutical companies, as well as African-based local distributors and manufacturers.

The product is specifically aimed at the prevention of false medicine sales as a consumer protection service.

MPA also combats counterfeit in other markets such as automotive, health and beauty products, food and beverage, bedding, textiles and clothing since 2009.

Via an SMS, a consumer can text Sproxil a product code, after which a swift response is generated to notify the sender of its status.

Jaime Stern, director of sales at Sproxil, said: “The five million mark is an incredible milestone for us and our partners.”

Proud of its customer protection, the company is surprised by the rapid growth.

“[It is] even more impressive is how quickly usage is accelerating,” Stern said.

Within four months, verifications rose by one million. Stern owes the success to Africa’s high mobile penetration.

“In these emerging markets, consumers have high levels of access to mobile phones, and they are familiar with ‘scratch & text’ practices,” she said.

 The enquiry service is also available through telephone calls in local languages.

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