Google investments in broadband grows

Google investments in broadband grows

Google is negotiating with United States regulators for increased public accessibility as it looks to offer more Wi-Fi services.

Recently rolled out Google Fiber is proving to be successful, providing high speed cable TV and internet to Kansas City.

The network is 1,000 times faster as the average national network.

A former member of Google Access said: “Fiber is considered the golden child now with Google because of its disruptive nature and the applause that they get from the communities by using it,” Reuters reported.

Other developments include free Wi-Fi across 7,000 Starbucks outlets and the launch of 30 solar-powered balloons over the South Pacific ocean to beam internet access to rural areas.

Google’s Fiber projects are believed to be a revenue booster, also assisting with data collection of online habits, useful for advertisement improvement.

Kevin Lo, general manager at Google Access, said: “Users want more speed. They don’t want artificial ceilings imposed on what’s possible of the web.”

Google’s revenue is expected to reach approximately US$60 billion, with the Fiber service contributing greatly.

Google X launched its Fiber and Loon experiment with solar-powered, super-pressured air balloons to drift by air currents and switch to batteries for an airborne wireless network.

A test of 30 balloons were released in New Zealand in June, fitted with Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless signals.

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