Kenya’s High Court stops analogue TV switchoff

The High Court in Kenya has delayed the expected December 31 switch-off of analogue broadcasting in Nairobi, saying the process should be kept on hold until a case brought by the Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek) is heard on January 11.

The switch-off, expected to be part one of the digital migration process in Kenya, saw opposition from the consumer lobby group, which argued that it would leave many Nairobi residents without access to civic education, particularly important ahead of March’s general election.

The lobby group had also argued that the prices of the crucial set-top devices were still out of reach for the majority of Kenyans.

The case has seen the Information and Communications ministry permanent secretary Bitange Ndemo cautioned by the court over his use of social media in criticising Cofek. The court advised the PS to seek legal avenues to address his concerns.

The order has been received with mixed opinions by Kenyans on Twitter after the lobby group posted the news of the court order.

Consumers Fedn Kenya ‏@ConsumersKenya

TV SWITCH-OFF: High Court stops TV switch off on December 31 until January 11 ruling on the same


George Wamwea kudos kofek. can CCK now be more organised if they dont want their plans scattled thro the court processes. u just dont wake up one morning can say u will switch people off. have enough gadgets imported, subsidize the costs to say 1k (in any case kenyans finance over 90% of national budget), then give people about 6 months of parallel run and then phase off the analogue signal

Benson N. Muthoka Stop fighting change. The migration has to happen and the earlier the better!

Edward Nyamongo Job well done,thank you cofek.

Kamau John I love he new Kenya a court can stop the government that funds the courts from doing something that’s not ethical

There has not been a reply yet from the ministry, with the last related tweet from the PS Bitange Ndemo being on December 17 when the court warned him over his utterances on social media.

Bitange Ndemo ‏@bantigito

@Karanimutonga been gagged. Cannot talk about DM till case in court is through. CCK licensed 20 dealers.

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